Zale Maxwell

Farm and Dairy Showcases OQBIP’s Mission

In November 2021, Farm and Dairy writer Gail Keck interviewed the co-founders of The Ohio Queen Bee Improvement Project, Zale Maxwell and Dwight Wells, to discuss what their mission is with this venture. With the decline of honeybees, the two shared concepts that could help beekeepers around the state improve their stock on an annual…

An Introduction From The Ohio Queen Bee Improvement Project

Welcome to The Ohio Queen Bee Improvement Project. Our goal is to promote beekeeping of all levels through education, mentorship, and networking opportunities throughout the state of Ohio and beyond. We thank you for the patience in the growth of this venture. Over the next few months, we will roll out our pillars for the…

About Zale

Zale Maxwell is a retired professor of engineering technology from Ohio University. He started beekeeping in 1964 when a friend asked if he wanted to earn his beekeeping merit badge as a member of the Boy Scouts. By the 1970s, Zale was a queen breeder and managed as many as 150 colonies. Not only has Zale been a master beekeeping instructor within the Ohio State Beekeepers Association (OSBA), he served as its president in 1981. In 2018, Zale was inducted into the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame. In 2020, the OSBA recognized Zale with the organization’s Lifetime Achievement award. He is currently working to improve the quality of honey bees in Ohio.

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